2019 in Numbers

We’re reflecting on the blessings experienced worldwide this year and looking back on an impactful year of reaching millions of listeners around the globe with the hope of the Gospel. 

“As we consider all God has allowed this ministry to accomplish through His power and providence this year, we are beyond blessed to interact with His children in far corners of the world, introduce people to His Son, Jesus, and hopefully impact their lives eternally,” said Don Shenk.

Shenk noted that while the true impact comes in the form of listeners’ feedback and testimonials of life change, numbers help partners on the ground to reflect on the many who were reached throughout the year. 

  • Listeners who responded to broadcasts via mail, email, phone and text: 14,118
  • Discipleship mail pieces sent to listeners, including Bibles/New Testaments, Gospel booklets, tracts and Bible lessons: 14,125
  • Listeners who received a personal visit from a discipleship worker: 1,070
  • Group discipleship events: 62
  • Radios/media players distributed: 362

The Tide ministry also reflected on several successful projects of 2019, as well as areas of impact:

  • The unique “Year Beard” challenge has raised more than $22,000, as a group of men who grew their beards for an entire year raised funds and awareness about the ministry’s work worldwide.
    • The Tide continues to work with several countries ranked on Open Doors USA’s 2019 World Watch List for Christian persecution: India (No. 10), Nigeria (No. 12), Nepal (No. 32) and Bhutan (No. 33).
    • A new radio studio was constructed in Zimbabwe, which will not only bring together listeners throughout the region but will also serve as a potential source of income for the community.
    • Our partner in Albania debuted a new television program called “Koha Për Të Folur,” or “Time to Talk,” geared toward Albania’s young people. The TV setting resembles a coffee shop atmosphere and features local live music as a local, well-known pastor leads discussions.
  • In 2020, groundwork has been laid to offer Gospel programming in Pakistan to an unreached people group in the Saraiki language.

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