The Tide® Ministry Sees Zimbabwe Radio Listeners Become More Engaged with New Studio

HARRISBURG, Pa.—With a brand new radio studio up and running in Zimbabwe, more listeners are hearing the life-changing—and life-saving—Gospel of Jesus Christ through programs from The Tide® ( global radio ministry.

After many months of planning, fund raising and construction, the new studio opened this spring and was officially dedicated in August when 12 leaders and representatives from The Tide ministry traveled to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, for a ribbon-cutting ceremony and pastor training seminar.
The Tide Director Don Shenk, who was born to missionary parents in then-Rhodesia and taught at a Bible school in Zimbabwe, said it is evident that more listeners are becoming engaged with the new studio and its offerings.

“We’re seeing that more listeners are not only tuning in to hear from local preachers and teachers, but more are also downloading WhatsApp devotional content on their phones and devices,” Shenk said. “Besides hearing the programming, they are hungry for information about Jesus and daily insight and biblical wisdom that can build upon their faith and strengthen their relationship with Christ.”

Besides sharing the Gospel, a goal for the studio has been income generation so the local community can be self-sustainable financially. Audio and voice production services that were once only available in South Africa are now offered locally through the new studio.

In 1983, The Tide ministry began working with a church group in Zimbabwe to produce and air a Ndebele language radio program called “Amagugu Evangeli” which means “Precious Gospel” in English. Since then, the ministry has also assisted in the production of Christian radio programs in the English and Shona languages.

Several Zimbabwe listeners have shared that The Tide radio programming has changed their lives:

  • “I have chosen Jesus as my Lord and Savior of my life.”
  • “My name is Oriann. I live in Morningside, Bulawayo. I received Jesus as Lord and Savior of my life. I had stopped praying because of the problem I am going through. But as from today onwards, I don’t think I will backslide. Thank you for the Word, servant of God.”
  • “Today’s preaching brought me revival. I was losing hope, but I’m now hopeful. Continue doing the great work. I have been searching for a wife and I had lost hope that I won’t marry, but now a I have hope that I will find one.”