The Tide® Ministry is Bringing a New Face to Global Ministry… and it is a Hairy One

The Tide® ministry is looking forward to another hairy year as participants begin the “Year Beard” challenge to stop shaving in 2022, but it is not too late to commit to putting razors down. We are looking for even more men to participate in the “Year Beard” challenge. These men will grow beards to raise awareness for the ministry so that radio broadcasts can continue to expand around the globe.

The Tide director, Don Shenk, commented, “Growing a beard starts with a decision and is followed by a patient process of care and grooming. Consequently, Christian men who grow out their beards are modeling the same principles while making disciples for Christ.”

The campaign is also open to men who are willing to grow their “head hair” out for an even hairier experience. Through Year Beard, the hairy guys will each have a goal that will help The Tide ministry’s Gospel radio broadcasts expand around the world in Asia, Africa and Europe.

“There are bearded men all over the world,” said Shenk. “But there’s a distinction between many of those bearded men and the bearded men participating in this challenge; that distinction is in the heart. My desire is to see more hearts change, and every bit of support that comes in makes it possible for more people to hear the gospel message and have their hearts transformed.”

The ministry utilizes radio broadcasts to share the Gospel of Christ in 39 countries on three different continents. With more than 7,000 languages spoken worldwide and more than 2,000 people groups that have been unreached by the Good News of Jesus, the opportunities are tremendous, and the need is great.

Participants in the Year Beard challenge can still sign up to grow out their hair for one, three, or six months, with the goal to raise money each month for The Tide ministry. A motivating factor is the knowledge that for every dollar given, 20 more people worldwide can hear about Jesus, and in 2021, the challenge raised more than $25,000.

Depending on the time they commit, participants receive t-shirts, beard combs, beard oil, and a devotional book called “Bearded Gospel Men,” along with conversation starters such as country fact sheets, a testimony sheet and a pocket info card so they can speak to potential donors about The Tide mission. Those who raise the most money for The Tide ministry throughout the year will be eligible to win sporting event tickets and gift cards.