Seekers Conferences and Baptisms in India Bring Many to Christ

An integral part of The Tide’s mission is to not only lead people into a relationship with Jesus Christ but to also disciple them in their newfound faith and to equip them to share their faith with others.  This is why The Tide, in addition to producing and airing evangelistic radio broadcasts, also holds Seekers Conferences to disciple the people who have just become a Christian or who want to learn more about what they are hearing through The Tide radio programs. In India, The Tide partners not only produce radio programs but also organize and conduct Seekers Conferences throughout the year.  Our Partner Ministry* is the registered counterpart of The Tide ministry in India, and as such submits regular reports to The Tide headquarters in the USA.  What follows are excerpts from a recent report on a series of Seekers Conferences in one Indian state.

After much time spent with the Lord in prayer, and with God’s help, the Partner Ministry was able to conduct four Seekers Conferences and two baptism programs in India.

The first of the four seekers conferences took place in a town, which is 50km from Ambikapur. At this Seekers Conference, there were 55 people in attendance and two pastors who taught from the Word of God. With much anticipation, the crowd listened attentively to the words as they came from the pastor’s lips. At the close of this Conference, a total of 12 people came forward to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and to begin a new life in Him. Later on, three girls committed their lives to serving Jesus by being baptized. At that Seekers Conference, there were 15 people changed forever by the powerful saving grace of Jesus Christ.

At the second of the four conferences, nearly 70 people attended the Seekers Conference.  Reverend A* and two church planters brought the teachings from the Word of God, Sin, Salvation, and Eternal Life. At this Conference people were changed by the message brought by the pastor and church planters; 33 people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Later, 8 men and women showed their commitment to Christ by baptism. A total of 41 lives were changed for the better at this Conference.

The third of the four conferences was held in a village, 35km away from Ambikapur. Seventy-five people were in attendance at this third Conference. Three different pastors shared from the Word of God and people were changed. That day, a total of 25 people decided to make a decision to leave their old way of life and follow Jesus.

At the fourth conference, there were 70 people gathered. Pastor V* shared the Good News of Jesus to this crowd of people. The crowd was very eager and attentive to listen to the words of the pastor. Twenty-three people committed their lives to serving Christ and accepted him as their savior. Later, 11 men and women made the decision to be baptized. A total of 34 people were changed at this Conference.

By the grace of Jesus, a total of 93 people made a decision to accept Jesus as their savior and 27 people were baptized!! Praise God for the work that he is doing in these villages!
There was no church building in any of these villages and the only facility available for baptisms were in nearby ponds.  The local believers and new believers would walk in a procession, singing and dancing joyfully to a pond for the baptisms.  Praise God for protecting them from persecution during these meetings, as in some areas there is strong opposition to the spread of Christianity.

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*Names and specific locations have been disguised to protect the individuals involved