Reaching Millions of Children Through TV Programming in Middle East

Known as one of the deadliest areas for Christian attacks in the world, Middle East believers face high levels of religious persecution that outsiders cannot begin to fathom. This makes evangelism especially tricky, as most people in the region openly reject Christianity. Still, it is vital that the Gospel message is shared with people who are searching for hope.

Many children in the Middle East and North Africa grow up surrounded by conflict and uncertainty; desperately needing to know that God loves them. We are pleased to provide Gospel programming through SAT-7 KIDS, the first and only Arabic Christian channel for children, which is aimed at introducing young people to Jesus during the crucial early years of their lives. Through its dramas, talk shows, cartoons, and worship programs, it provides a safe space for its viewers.

By encouraging the next generation to take their place as positive members of society, SAT-7 KIDS is helping to strengthen the Church, prevent radicalization, and transform the Middle East, a place where many have questions about the Truth. Through our partnership, we are able to provide a creative and attention-catching forum that answers these questions and breaks down barriers for children in Arab and Muslim societies to hear about God’s love and come to know Jesus as Savior.

We accomplish this by using puppetry and apologetics in a series of videos which explain the Good News and provide answers to commonly asked questions without attacking other faiths. Through a format that easily engages their attention, these puppet shows enable millions throughout the Middle East to hear about God’s love and learn the basics of the Gospel in an extremely clear and simple way that children can understand.

These puppet shows are being aired on all Arabic satellite channels, including SAT-7 KIDS which is the most-watched Christian satellite channel in the Middle East. In addition, the programs are posted online through various digital media channels, reaching a minimum of five million children throughout the region. The project has resulted in the production of enough puppet shows to provide fresh content weekly for six months and has the potential to be dubbed in multiple languages.

There are children all across the Middle East who are looking for hope that can only be found in Christ, and we are honored to provide fun, interactive programming that shares the Gospel in new and innovative ways. It is our prayer that these videos make a major impact in the lives of children across the region.

We invite you to partner with us through prayer and financial support as we seek to share the Gospel message with the world. You are greatly appreciated and are a blessing to those who are able to hear the message of the cross because of your generosity.