Pakistani Christians Face Arrests, Brutality, and Extreme Persecution

A Christian couple was arrested for “blasphemy” in Pakistan, merely because of their beliefs in God, raising alarm about the misuse of the nation’s contentious religious law. The ban against blasphemy, which carries no provision to punish a false accuser or a false witness, was expanded in the 1980s under military dictator General Zia-ul-Haq. According to The New York Times, the British government enacted the original laws in the late 19th century colonial era to keep people of different faiths from fighting each other. The couple’s arrest comes in the midst of extreme religious persecution across the nation, with churches set on fire and mobs attacking Christians merely for their faith.

As Christians in Pakistan face this tremendous persecution, we realize the urgent need to share the Gospel in any way we can in order to bolster spirits and bring hope through the message of Christ in this area of the world.

Throughout history, Christ’s disciples were attacked, persecuted, and even killed for the sake of the Gospel. It is our job as Christians to support and encourage fellow believers experiencing such extreme persecution. That is why we have been working with our team of pastors and ‘boots on the ground’ in Pakistan since 2020 to share the Gospel and provide hope for those who desperately need it.

We are unwilling to give up and give in to severe persecution, and we are dedicated to the Christians in the region who are under such attacks. We will continue to support and encourage them however we are able, knowing that ultimately, the only law that will ever bring peace and harmony throughout Pakistan — and the rest of the world — is The Law of Christ!

If you would like to help bring the message of hope, and see souls come to Christ through what God is doing in The Tide ministry, we invite you to pray for the ministry and support us. Your gift is a blessing to the people around the world who are currently searching for Truth.