Nepal Listeners Share Impact of Gospel Programming

For 14 years, The Tide® has been recording and broadcasting gospel programming in the nation of Nepal, which is heavily Hindu. Just a fraction of the population is Christian, and The Tide programs in two languages—Nepali and Tharu—aim to lift up listeners and provide the hope of Christ.

The Tide ministry’s weekly program in Nepal is called “Prasasta Jivan,” which means “Abundant Life” in English. Last month, the speaker for the Nepali language program, spoken by 19 million in Nepal, spent two days recording 40 new radio programs.

“These programs in the Nepali and Tharu language are vital to the faith of Christians in Nepal,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “Especially now with an anti-conversion law in effect, Nepali Christians can come together as part of a radio community and be encouraged through these recordings. We are thankful for those on the ground who work to make these programs a reality and even face danger in an environment that can be hostile to Christianity.”

Several listeners in Nepal communicated how The Tide radio programs are impacting their lives.

“I am a regular listener of ‘Prasasta Jivan’ broadcast,” said one listener in Diktol. “The messages shared by the speaker are very practical. The messages are helping me to trust the Lord Jesus Christ here in my area. I am really blessed by the messages of this radio broadcast.”

Another non-Christian man in Nepal was told about the program from a Christian friend and is being blessed.

“Though I am not a Christian man, I like to listen about the Lord Jesus Christ,” he said. “Your program is very good. I am thankful to the radio speaker for sharing the good messages. I am blessed by listening to the messages and want to live a worthy life for the Lord.”

Another listener acknowledges that the Nepali program is indeed based on the Bible.

“The messages and the teaching of this broadcast are very spiritual,” the listener said. “Through the messages, I am learning more about the true God (and) I want to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.”

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