Lives Changed Through the Annang Radio Program

February 1, 2012

In January of 2012, The Tide began airing a new radio broadcast in the Annang, the heart language of a people group in southwest Nigeria. Through The Tide Annang heart language radio broadcast approximately 8 million people have the opportunity to hear about Jesus and the gospel message. Through this radio program, people are being changed by the saving grace of Jesus. One example of how God is using The Tide to touch lives in Nigeria can be seen in the story of Natalie*.

Natalie lives and works as a housewife. Since she was a child, Natalie was raised as a Catholic. As her life continued to get harder and harder, she began to become more and more stressed. Her faith began to weaken and she began to drift further away from God. Marriage problems began increasing and the problems eventually led to divorce. Her life continued in a downward spiral, with no end in sight. Her daughter became pregnant without a husband and when it came time for delivery this January she began to have complications. As her daughter was being taken back to the operating room, Natalie heard The Tide’s radio program through a radio the hospital has in the waiting room. During the program, the speaker asked the listeners to join him in a prayer and that was exactly what Natalie needed at that moment. Her daughter had a safe surgery and because of The Tide’s radio program, Natalie is now a born-again believer.

People who are listening to The Tide’s radio program in the Annang heart language are being changed from the inside out. These people listening to the program are facing many trials; some are facing increasing violence and others are struggling to make ends meet because of the economy. The story of Aaron* shows us how much of a difference The Tide can make in people’s lives.

Aaron was facing many different struggles in his life. Year after year he tried to deal with them so that he could continue to lead a happy normal life. However, after four years of struggling the weight of his problems became too much to bear and he wanted to commit suicide. Fortunately, Aaron heard The Tide Iko Awasi broadcast the first week it was aired. The speaker began his talk with a prayer which included prayers for those who may be suffering from depression. At the end of the program, Aaron contacted the speaker and two days later the speaker and a ministry team leader traveled to his house. The two leaders prayed over Aaron and gave him a radio and a tract written in his language. Today the severe depression that Aaron was struggling with is now gone! He is now leading a happy life and is grateful to God for helping him not to kill himself.

It is stories like these that make what The Tide is doing so worthwhile. Through The Tide heart language radio broadcasts millions of people are being changed by the gospel message. Despite the increasing violence against Christians in Nigeria and the increase in hardship because of the economy, people are still listening to the program and are being touched by Jesus.

*Names have been changed or withheld for the safety of individuals involved*

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