Muslim Listener Finds Christ in Dangerous Anti-Christian Region Through Radio Broadcast

In a region that has a history of actively persecuting Christianity like Kosovo and Albania, the basic principles of Christianity are often unfamiliar to the people living there. The Christians who managed to keep their faith a secret during periods of intense persecution are just recently able to profess their faith in public without attack or ridicule.

By speaking the truth of the Gospel in the heart languages — or native languages listeners were born to speak — we are able to connect with listeners who might not have had the chance to hear the Gospel before.

“The Tide ministry is encouraged to hear listeners respond to our programs, telling us how the Lord has worked in their lives,” said The Tide® ministry Director Don Shenk.

One Muslim listener from Kosovo wrote in to share how knowing the truth impacted her life and helped her feel like she didn’t have to fight to earn love.

“I love listening to Radio 7 in Kosovo,” the listener wrote. “This radio station has become like a special friend to me. I come from a traditional Muslim family, but I have never been interested in religion. My parents didn’t push me, and they let me walk in life the way I wanted to. I listened for the first time to a pastor talking about the Bible and how the God of Christians cares for women. I live in a culture where women have to fight for everything and where sexual harassment is considered normal. Listening to how God took care of Ruth and Naomi deeply touched my heart, and since then I have listened to the same pastor over and over again. Thank you for sharing so much wisdom and peace to weary hearts.”

Reflecting on the ministry’s tangible impact on people’s lives, Shenk said, “It is edifying to hear from viewers who are touched by the content of the programs. It is amazing when we hear from unbelievers that they have been uplifted or are now putting their faith in Christ after listening to a Tide partner pastor.”