Lives Changed in Nigeria

One of the greatest testimonies we have received from Nigeria this year was the reunion of a couple who had separated for several years on account of a false witchcraft scare.  Edward and Mary Otto had been married for many years and had lived in peace. They were members of a local church whose pastor began to accuse Edward of practicing witchcraft. This pastor went further to predict that Edward would sacrifice his wife on Christmas day of 1999 for a witchcraft ritual.

Experiencing serious strife in the marriage relationship due to this accusation, Mary eventually left her husband’s home. The change in family life affected the children severely and their elder daughter, Ellie, entered into prostitution to support her siblings.Through one of The Tide’s heart language radio programs in the Efik language, Ellie was convicted and decided to leave her prostitution. She later invited our team to help reconcile their parents (see her letter below).

Supported in prayer, the team in Nigeria traveled to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Otto.  With the help of their parents, in-laws, and the local chief, the couple has been reconciled. That week the team shared a sermon titled, “Beware of False Preachers.” The couple has resigned their membership of the false church and is now worshipping in a church where God’s Word and His truth are taught.

Ellie’s Letter:

“Dear people of God, when I looked back at what I had done with my life, I felt like committing suicide. As a young woman, I lived a promiscuous lifestyle – loose sexual behavior, alcoholism, drugs and much more. I even consulted various spirit mediums to empower me to be loved by any man that sets his eyes on me. It will surprise you to learn that I am only 26 years old. What has caused this kind of behavior one may ask? My dad divorced my mom and us children {4 in number} lived like sheep without a shepherd. To be able to eke out a living for myself and my other brother and sisters, I indulged in these untoward behaviors. My dad had become a perpetual drunk and there was not enough money to take care of the family.  I had no fear of God even though I sang in church on Sundays. I was really hardened. Then came the message of God in my local language through your radio message. The message led me to think about what had made me waste my life and time in prostitution and wayward living. Please pray for me. May God help me to keep my repentance. I have shared my story so that you can use it to discourage many married couples from ever contemplating divorce, the family destroyer. I am hoping to help reconcile my mum and dad. This is my prayer request. Please kindly visit my area with your team so that together we can go and help tackle this matter to reconcile mum and dad. I can not handle this alone. God bless your ministry.” 

~Miss Ellie Otto

*Names have been altered to protect those involved*