From the Mailbag: India, Albania, & Kosovo

A sampling of letters we receive from listeners around the world. Thank you so much for your support in helping us change lives!

Full names and locations are not included to protect identity.


This month, nearly 20 people listned to the ‘Shanti Data’ program in my village and were blessed. Among them, 4 are new persons and 3 persons are very interested to know morea bout Jesus Christ. I do the follow-up and teach them from the word of God. Last week I had arranged a Seekers Meeting where 12 people attended and were blessed. Among them, 2 persons have accepted Jesus Christ. One brother from ‘J’ village has turned to God. He was an idol worshipper. After listening to the word of God from the radio, he believed in Jesus Christ. Next month he and his wife are going to take baptism. Pray for them. –Nabin

For some months I was suffereing with severe stomach pain. I took several medicines but could not get healing. The doctor told me to have an operation. One day, all of a sudden, the servant of the Lord came to my house. I requested him to pray for me. He shared the word of God with me and also prayed for me. He also asked me to listen to the radio programs regualarly and assured me that I would be healed. I had put my trust in the Lord. When I went to the doctor after a few days, he checked me and was surprised to see my condition. He told me there was no need to have the operation–only take some medicines. I did not take any medicine, but prayed to the Lord and continued to listen to the radio programs. By the grac of the Lord, I am healed now. Please uphold me in your prayers, thanks. –Ekka

I am a regular listener of your ‘Shanti Data’ radio program and a student of your Bible Correspondence Course. I have been listening to your radio program a long time. I have peace, joy and happiness in my life. I love Jesus Christ. Please pray for me and for my study. –Jaya

I am a college student but I have been regularly listening to your Bengali Radio Broadcast ‘Amar Bani.’ It is a very good radio program. Prior to listening to the radio proram, I had the idea that all religions are same, but now I have come to know that Jesus Christ is the only God who can save me from my sins. I am ready to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. Please pray for me to take that step. Thanking you! –Bapi

I am very happy to share that I recieved peace and joy in my heart while listening to your radio progra. Before that, there was no peace and happiness in my family. After listening to your program, the Lord has blessed us spiritually and financially also. I also believe that many are listening to the Odia program ‘Shanti Data’ and are blessed and benefited. –Manjulata

I listen to your KUI program ‘Ehpa Gatanju’ regularly. My life is changed through your program and I have received a new hope in my life, because I had been discouraged and distrubed, but now my life is changed. I trust in the Lord and want to live for Him. Pray for my spiritual growth and send me some literature. –Ajit

At my friend’s house I listened to the ‘Nav Jeevan’ radio program in the Hindi language and like it very much. Now I have believed in Jesus Christ and want to follow Him. Kindly uphold me in your prayer. –Lal

I was always worreid to get married but many times my marriage was canceled. When I came in contact with Mr. A.E., he invited me to his place to listen to the radio program. I was very happy to listen to the word of God, ‘Ujjna Gahi Dahare,’ in my own Kuruh language. Mr. A.E. also prayed for my marriage problem. I am very glad to say that after sometime I got married and now I am very happy in my married life. I also accepted the Lord as my Savior. –Ramu


I feel positive all the time because I listen to Radio 7. I listen regularly to pastor Hervin and I’m very much blessed. I learned a lot, and my family members as well tell me that he has helped them to understand the Bible better. We live in a remote area and have no church close to our home. Radio is our church and so happy for pastor Hervin who understands how Albanians feel. I’m very impressed with him and all the staff at Radio 7 who sent us literature and listend to us in difficult moments. –Tereza

By the time I started to listen to these programs, I was not a believer and had many quesitons, and this program really helped me a lot to know God and answer my many questions. My friend who shared the program on Facebook led me to recieve Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Last week for the first time I met Paster Jeton and told him that I listen to his programs regularly. Now Pastor Jeton is helping me to know God more and how to reach my family members. –Fjori


Since I came to the USA, I have not been able to attend church on Sundays since I am working hard, and I was so happy to find out that I can listen to my pastor’s sermons online and never miss one. I feel blessed, and some of these sermons have really challenged me and help me on my walk with the Lord. –Adhurim