God Changes Lives Through The Tide Radio Programs

July 5, 2012

The Tide has been broadcasting heart language radio programs for over 65 years. These programs are touching hearts and lives for Christ every day. The Tide regularly receives letters from listeners on how their lives and the lives of their families have been changed through The Tide’s radio programs. Below are some testimonies from listeners from India and Nigeria.

Last night at our family gathering, my wife’s sister-in-law shared with us how she came to the faith in Christ through your Etimbuk good news radio messages.  She narrated how she started listening to the program and little by little she came to trust Jesus as her personal Saviour! -Mr. O

I discovered your program one evening as I prayed to be more God-focused, a car passed me with the Okuchineke bumper sticker! So, I am requesting a bumper sticker to be mailed to me and maybe it will have the same impact on someone else’s life. -Mr. A

One day it so happens that suddenly I heard the ‘Nav Jeevan’ radio program and liked it. After that, I started listening to it and experiencing peace and change in my life. I now believe that Jesus Christ is really the Peace-giver. I am interested to learn more about Jesus so kindly send me some literature. -Mr. M

One of the radio listeners, a woman was attacked by the evil spirit. Her family members and others tried to cast out the evil spirit from her but could not succeed.  Then they asked us to pray for her. We prayed for her and by the grace of God she was set free from the evil spirit. She thanked the Lord and she, along with her husband and family members believed in Jesus Christ and they all (5 persons) have accepted the Lord. -Rev. A

I came across your program and gave my life to Christ while traveling in a car for treatment of breast cancer and have not turned off the radio when your program is on the air.  My husband and I have found a wonderful Christian church and community. We no longer listen to secular radio programs. -Mrs. K

I am a regular listener to ‘Shanti Data’ program and also a student of your Bible Correspondence Course. Recently I have been transferred from my native home, therefore please send your letter and literature on my new address. I had several problems and went through many struggles in my life, but whenever I listened to the ‘Shanti Data’ program I got peace and comfort. I gave my life to Jesus Christ and accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour. Your letters also encouraged me and my faith became strong.  Now I have full confidence in the Lord and believe that He would always help me and save me during difficulties or problems. I am thankful to you for helping me to draw closer to the Lord. -Mr. P

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