How you ever just looked at your life and said, “wow, I have it good?” or on the contrary have you ever said, “why does everything bad always happen me to me? I can honestly say that I’ve had my fair share of saying both statements. Recently we just experience so much rain and dreariness that caused so many people to get sad or even frustrated that it may have ruined their plans or even there hair for the day. All that rain caused me to think about the saying that we all have learned in grade school, “April showers bring May flowers.” But, what if it isn’t April and all these showers are really unexpected?

Think about the rain and how stressful, saddening and even annoying those days can be. I see rain as the trials and tribulations that occur in our lives. Rain is super important and God made it so that the plants and animals and in some towns, even humans can have fresh water. Did you know, less than 2 percent of the earth’s water is ground water, but it provides 30 percent of our fresh water?

Now, think about the May flowers and how pretty and colorful and vibrant that they are. Think about how the May flowers correlate to the good and happy things in your life. Some plants can grow by the day and some plants take years to grow. The Lord uses the rain (trials) to grow the flowers (blessing or good things) according to His plans and His ways.

In the story of Job, he had a ton of rain (trials) happen in his life, as Satan wanted to see if Job lost everything, would he still love and trust God just as much as he did when he had everything. Job lost what was important to him; his children, his wife’s confidence, and his cattle. Job was devastated when that happened to him but he known that he had a God that still loves him no matter what he was going through.

By the end of the story, Job ends up receiving back everything he had lost and then even some more. In Romans 12:12, it says, “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

While the those rainy days may not always be pretty and they are filled with trials, don’t let days get you down. Your rainy days are when you should be the most excited because something is coming! You should glorify God through those rainy days and use them as growing days for the beautiful flowers to bloom for everyone to see!

Submitted by Mikey Vince // Nashville, TN