Listeners of Devotionals and Programs Reach Across Borders to Share Gospel with Others

Those searching for the truth of the Gospel in Thailand have a new way to be uplifted, thanks to our daily devotionals. Recently, The Tide ministry began sharing the “Yang Kap Prajao,” or “Walking with God,” daily devotionals online and via social media in Thailand. Recorded in the Isaan language, the 7- to 10-minute daily devotionals are available on the social media app called “Line,” which is Japan’s largest social network that has spread into neighboring countries.

Director Don Shenk said the growth of the devotionals has been exciting because users and listeners are sharing the resources with many others.

“One of our new subscribers to the Line app thanked us for the daily devotional,” Shenk said. “She is a Lao believer in Korea who is reaching out to Isaan workers in a Thai factory there, which is possible because Lao and Isaan are very similar linguistically. She added that she has had the opportunity to share the Gospel with up to 36 people at a time!”

Shenk added that this subscriber also requested video resources to share with those hungry for truth. Therefore, The Tide ministry’s partners on the ground shared links to the “Kham Top Chiwit,” or “Life’s Answers,” program videos on YouTube via the Line several times per week. In turn, the Lao woman put the videos to good use and asked The Tide partners to pray for her, that she would be able to lead people to Christ through a small group among her fellow factory workers.

“We praise God for how our media resources are being used both in Thailand and now in Korea to reach out to the Isaan people!” Shenk said.

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