Deep Roots

April 29, 2018

It’s that time of year now when those little yellow flowers start popping up here and there in my yard. Like so many other people, I’ll now be waging a continuous battle against the dandelions in my yard that will last the whole year from spring through summer and fall. Yes, I am making it sound like dandelions are my enemy, so what would you think if I told you I wanted to be like a dandelion?  You’d probably think I was crazy, but let me explain. I remember one particular spring day several years ago when my son and I were working at digging some stubborn dandelions out of a flower bed.  I had explained to my son the importance of getting the whole root out. As I dug down around one root I could see it getting narrower and narrower, but then I came to a point where the thin root was attached to a thick, leftover root from the previous year.  It was a perfect example to show my son how a dandelion from last year was able to come back because it had not been completely removed the previous year.  After that every time my son pulled a dandelion and the root broke off he’d say, “Well, that one will back!”  And that’s why I want to be like a dandelion. 

I want to be so deeply rooted in Jesus Christ that no matter what happens I can’t be uprooted and will always continue to grow in Him. My desire is to have such deeply embedded faith that it will survive despite how harsh and difficult life may become, or what opposition and hardships I may face. I know it is possible, because I’ve seen it in others. Around the world there are Christians who face incredible persecution, sometimes even being killed because they refuse to deny Jesus as Lord.  The enemy uses so many things in the world to try to tear us away and rip us out of our faith, but we can be confident that when we sink our roots deep into God He will never let us go, but instead will nurture us and enable us to come back stronger than before. And eventually the day will come when we will blossom and flourish continuously in His presence for all eternity!

“Only hold on to what you have until I come.” (Revelation 2:25 NIV)

Prayer: Dear Jesus, Thank you for giving me life and inviting me into your eternal family. Help me to hold on to you tightly as you extend your strong arms to me. And when I feel weak let me fully trust you to keep me secure even in the most adverse situations I may face in this life here on earth.   

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