Creatively Sharing Hope in Pakistan

Pakistani Christians are still suffering from the brunt of COVID-19’s impact. A ministry in Punjab is witnessing locals in the area face health and financial issues. Christian hospitals cannot run as they did before the pandemic, and medicine deliveries have slowed. The ministry, which is part of a Bible college and works to translate the Good News into Urdu and Punjabi, does not have the means to support the locals on its own.

The Tide® radio ministry has local partners across the world to share resources and information. Through webs of ministry partners on three different continents, The Tide comes alongside local pastors and missionaries to help them record and broadcast the Gospel in local dialects, plant churches, provide for the community, and spread the love of Jesus Christ.

“Without our local partners, The Tide would not be able to share the Gospel in as many countries as we are able to now or in such a personal manner,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “Working with these ministry partners allows us to reach people across the world in their own dialects and their own contexts of life.”