Coronavirus Impacts People of Thailand

The coronavirus outbreak has caused widespread concern, but especially in Asia, where thousands have died in China. Over 75,000 have been infected worldwide. According to The Christian Post, the virus, which can lead to respiratory illnesses, has spread to other countries in Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Nepal and Malaysia. The Tide® records and broadcasts Gospel programming in both Thailand and Nepal.

“The Tide ministry’s presence in Thailand is relatively recent, but we are working with dedicated individuals and groups who are ministering to the people directly,” said Don Shenk. “It is undoubtedly a very frightening and apprehensive time in Thailand, but we know our ministry partners are reaching out to the people of Thailand with the hope of Jesus, a caring word, encouraging prayers and the peace only Christ can bring.”

Concerning the coronavirus, Shenk added that our partners have reported that while the disease has not impacted the community directly, they are, in fact, praising God that the health scare is not negatively affecting ministry activities and the people they are reaching.

“Our contacts in Thailand asked us to solicit prayers for continued protection for our partners and people in the villages where they are planting house churches,” Shenk added. “Additionally, it seems that most of those affected in Thailand are Chinese tourists who likely were infected before coming into the country. Therefore, our Gospel outreach activities through an indigenous ministry team allow access to villages without people becoming suspicious or fearing that outside influences or diseases may be introduced, as could possibly be the case with foreign missionaries.”

The Tide records sets of 50-minute programs in the Isaan language, spoken by 19 million people in Thailand. These installments help listeners get a true overview of God’s Word, taking those interested in learning more about Christianity from Creation to the Church and giving a panoramic view of the Bible.

Our partners in Thailand also produce daily broadcasts on a popular radio station in Muang Samsip district, where several village house church groups are located. The morning programs reach the entire district of 82,000 people and into the surrounding districts as well. The ministry partners have been thankful for the 8 to 9 a.m. time slot, which is convenient for rural farmers. Online programs and daily devotionals are also part of the ministry mix.

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