Bringing Hope of Jesus Christ to Listeners in Kosovo in the New Year

About three years ago, we began broadcasting gospel programming in Kosovo, reaching people who have experienced turmoil and desperately need the hope of Christ. Thus far, says Director Don Shenk, the fruits of those labors are being realized.

“The Tide ministry’s presence is Kosovo is relatively new,” Shenk said, “and we are so thankful for God’s provision in finding and securing radio partnerships there so the people of Kosovo and neighboring Albania can hear the message of Christ and His saving grace.”

Alma, a listener in Kosovo, reported that she lives in a remote village and the closest church is in the city:

“It is difficult for me to go to church for a Sunday service or meet with other believers,” Alma said. “I’m so happy that I can listen to Pastor G preach on the radio. That’s my only church service, through the radio. I listen to the radio with my mother and my friend—most of the time in secret from other people around us. Thank you for helping us walk in the light. Our hearts are full of gratitude.”

Dena from Kosovo also shared that she listens to Radio 7, the Christian radio network and partner ministry in Albania and Kosovo that broadcasts the program “Sipas Fjales,” which means “According to the Word,” because she loves the music.

“Your programs were very different from any other radio station,” Dena said. “I listen to get informed and not just entertained. For about four months, I have been listening to Pastor J on the radio. I never been to a church or listened to a pastor before. I’m very impressed and want to know more.”

Likewise, Asim from Kosovo is thankful for Radio 7 because he has learned so much about God.

“Life is really tough here in Kosovo, and it is really easy to lose hope,” Asim said. “People are desperate because they are not seeing the change they were hoping for in our government. I was so touched by Pastor J’s message on eternal hope. I never saw my life from an eternal perspective. That changed everything. I want to thank you for giving hope to our nation.”

Some of these listeners and others like them in Kosovo are able to listen to The Tide gospel programs through the generosity of donors who give just $40—less than the cost of a dinner and a movie. For this low gift amount, a radio is provided in areas around the world so others can listen to programming in the language they were born to speak. For more information, click here.

With almost a quarter of the world’s population living within the current range of The Tide radio programming, and nearly 7,000 languages spoken in the world today, the opportunities are tremendous.