Young People Excited About Jesus in Kosovo

When a congregation from a church in Gjakova, Kosovo, traveled to a town square to worship God and pray, they had no idea who might join them.

But when a group of interested teenagers flocked to the church group, doors were opened for young lives to be changed by Christ.

The Tide® has been working with local churches in Kosovo for more than two years, including with a pastor who broadcasts Gospel radio programming and leads a church near the city of Klina.

“This church planned an outreach event in Klina recently and were heading to the main square to worship and share the Gospel with whoever approached, but what happened next exceeded everyone’s expectations,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “Just as they finished sharing the vision for Klina, they started to pray and worship, and many young people from the nearby school jumped in, wondering what was going on and drawn in by the music and prayers.”

Shenk added that the group prayed with the teens, told them about God and opened their eyes to the Holy Spirit. Some of the youth returned the next week for the church service, and now a youth meeting is also in the works to meet the needs of this young group who is excited to learn more about Jesus.

“We continue to pray for this new Klina church, as they look for direction and proceed with God-given strategy,” Shenk said. “Concerns are financial, as well as that the leaders will find additional ways to reach the youth of Kosovo. We thank God for all He is doing in Kosovo, and praise him for sowing seeds in this small but mighty group.”

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