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Kosovo is a relatively small land-locked country in the central Balkan Peninsula that has had a very turbulent history. For many years it was part of the territory controlled by the Ottoman Empire and consequently a very high percentage of the population are Muslims, and less than 1% of the people are evangelical Christians. More recently Kosovo was administered as a province of Serbia, and although Kosovo declared independence in 2008 and was granted sovereignty in 2012 there is still political tension. Over 90% of the 2 million people living in Kosovo are Albanian, and Albania is used as the official language. In 2015 The Tide ministry began partnering with indigenous pastors in Kosovo to produce and air evangelistic Albanian language radio programs. There has been a good response and already two new churches have been planted as listeners in different communities respond to these gospel broadcasts.

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Letters from the Mailbag

A sampling of letters from those whose hearts have been touched by The Tide radio programs. (Full names and locations are not include to protect identity) ALBANIA Every day when I go to work I listen to Radio 7 Nord. I listen many programs but today I would like to...

Reaching Out to the Poor in Kosovo While Spreading the Gospel

We have been partnering with local pastors and Christian groups in Kosovo for more than two years, and tangible impact is being felt. A pastor in Kosovo who broadcasts Gospel radio programming in partnership with The Tide ministry also leads a congregation...

Bringing Hope of Jesus Christ to Listeners in Kosovo in the New Year

About three years ago, we began broadcasting gospel programming in Kosovo, reaching people who have experienced turmoil and desperately need the hope of Christ. Thus far, says Director Don Shenk, the fruits of those labors are being realized. “The Tide ministry’s...

From the Mailbag: Albania, India, Kosovo, Nigeria, Zimbabwe

A sampling of letters from those whose hearts have been touched by The Tide radio programs. Full names and location are not included to protect identity. Albania I love listening to Pastor Hervin. I learned a lot from the Bible because of his radio show. His passion...

From the Mailbag: India, Albania, & Kosovo

A sampling of letters we receive from listeners around the world. Thank you so much for your support in helping us change lives! Full names and locations are not included to protect identity. India This month, nearly 20 people listned to the 'Shanti Data' program in...