Turn Your Eyes

One of my favorite little songs I grew up on was this chorus we would sing: “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.”

What does it mean to turn your eyes upon Him?
To gaze upon His face and to know there lies all the peace we will ever need to face any circumstance in life.

I have faced insurmountable mountains in my life through which I could have allowed myself to walk away from my Saviour. But instead, I chose to turn and gaze upon His face knowing there lies life.

I believe it is not only crucial for God’s children to hide His Word in our hearts. I believe remembering and taking to heart the very profound and powerful truths these little choruses hold within themselves will also be an anchor of hope in times of need.

As a young girl while in church I would sing as loud as I could during times of worship in church. My mom would lean down and whisper with good intentions, “not so loud.”

Music has played a very significant part in my life. It is inspiring to hear the simple words of someone’s testimony beautifully orchestrated and put to music to be beautifully sung to their faithful Master and Lord in praises only to Him, an audience of One. These song become our own declarations of His faithfulness and goodness as the words softly flow from our mouths springing up from our hearts.

Turning my eyes to the One who laid His own life down for me. To stand in the midst of a chaotic and troubled world that desperately needs Him. If only, if only they could see and learn how beneficial it is just to turn and gaze upon Him, Jesus.

Not in perfection do we stand and look to Him, but in desperate need of a Saviour who longs for us to know that He loves us as no one else ever can. He longs for us to cast our cares upon Him, knowing His gaze is always upon us. His arms are always outstretched ready to receive us and to comfort us.

To gaze upon the sun and feel its warmth shining down on us, only to realize the Son’s gaze is just as warm, loving and comforting as the sun.

Who will you fix your eyes and gaze upon?
I choose Jesus

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
In the light of His glory and grace.

Submitted by Tracy Bard