The Tide® Offers New Hope in the New Year Through Gospel Radio Programming Around Globe

December 26, 2017

With Christmas now passed for another season, many Christians look for ways they can glorify God in the new year. The Tide® is no different, as the 71-year-old organization continually searches for and prays about new ways to reach listeners with the hope of Jesus Christ—especially in the new year.

“We rejoice that the Lord has touched so many lives through The Tide in 2017,” said Director Don Shenk. “Now, as we look ahead to 2018, we know God has much in store for this ministry that had humble beginnings in a small Pennsylvania town. Today, The Tide ministry reaches listeners in eight countries through 25 heart languages. But in reality, so many more are impacted because many of The Tide radio programs can also be heard online, making their reach virtually limitless.”

For example, Xhavid from Greece listens to gospel programming from The Tide every week online and says that he is so thankful for the local pastor’s messages.

“I understand the Word of God better and I have learned from him how to really apply the Word in my life,” Xhavid said. “My wife is not a believer, and I want to really win her with my testimony. But it is so hard at home. Pastor H’s message on family gave me a completely different perspective on how to deal with my storms in life. Thank you for these messages. I thank you for making all these teachings available to us through the website. I can download now and listen over and over again.”

Likewise, Lida from France is grateful for the wisdom of the pastor she listens to online.

“I’m happy to learn about God’s love and care for us, but at the same time that He is just,” Lida said. “I’m a new immigrant in France and still sick for my home country. I left my country due to conflicts. My heart was so full of pain and anger. I was very touched when I heard a series of programs on the names of God. Thank you for bringing hope to my heart and helping me find inner peace.”

“Testimonials like these are evidence that God is reaching new believers even outside the countries where The Tide ministry originally intended the broadcasts to air,” Shenk said. “His plan is much bigger than ours, and we are honored to follow Him wherever he takes The Tide ministry, especially the gospel programs produced by our partner ministries and led by local pastors around the world, who bring new hope for the new year.” 

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