The Tide Distributes 125 New Bibles to People in Mozambique

In Mozambique, the Bible is a very highly valued possession. Many people wish to have their own Bible when they become believers, but the reality is that the majority of Christians in Mozambique do not own Bibles. However, a recent distribution by The Tide provided 125 Bibles in three different languages – Chichewa, Portuguese, and Shona – to believers throughout Mozambique. Now, a large number of people may read the Word in their own language, and study God’s truth for themselves!

God is working in the lives of those who have received these Bibles. The people are diving into the truth and eagerly reading each page to see what God has to say to them. One example of how excited and devoted people are to the Bible can be seen in the story of Stanford.Samuel

Samuel* has been working as a tailor for years. Day in and day out he spends much time on his sewing machine stitching together fabric to make beautiful clothes. As people passed by during Samuel’s break, someone noticed something different. As they drew closer they were surprised to find Samuel sitting at his sewing machine reading his own new Bible! With his new Bible, Samuel can now read and study God’s truth for himself instead of always having to listen to a preacher.

Those who have received their very own Bible are very thankful for the chance to have one. Bibles are difficult to find in many areas in Mozambique and if they are available they cost more than most people can afford. Distributing Bibles is a great way to help those people who want to grow deeper in their faith.

Another story involves Pastor David* who was involved with distributing the Bibles in different parts of the area where he lives. He is very thankful for his people to be able to have their own Bible so that they may root their faith through diligent searching and studying of the Word. Although the gift of a Bible may seem small, it is a very great gift because many people cannot afford one on their own.

A young man in another area attended a Bible distribution service and felt God was leading him to share with the crowd 10 verses he had memorized. The crowd was amazed and touched by the truth that the young man spoke. The pastor was also very touched and decided that this young man could benefit from having his own Bible. After receiving his Bible, the young man walked over to his friend outside of the church and started reading the Bible with him.  Up until this point, the only Bible they had were those few verses they memorized during Sunday school.

Through the gift of Bibles, we can impact the number of people who may hear and learn about Jesus. When someone receives a Bible of their own, they not only study it for themselves, but they also get excited and share the good news with their friends and family. Having their own Bibles helps them, their friends, and their families grow together in their faith.  The Tide distribution of Bibles in Mozambique was conducted in partnership with the Brethren in Christ Church which has an ongoing project to continue providing Bibles for congregations and converts with the most need.  Click here to give the gift of a Bible.

*Names have been changed or withheld for the safety of individuals involved*