The Tide® Radio Ministry Celebrates 75 Years of Ministry and Broadcasts

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa.—In the 1800s British monarchs popularized celebrating the Diamond jubilee at the 60-year anniversary, but organizations and institutions often look to the 75th anniversary as the Diamond celebration. This year, The Tide® ministry is celebrating longevity and looking ahead with “The Tide Diamond Vision.”

In 1946, The Tide broadcast its first Gospel program. Since then, they have extended their programming to be able to share the Gospel daily in 30 different languages on three different continents.

“The English word ‘diamond’ is derived from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which carries connotations of something enduring, lasting, and invincible,” said Director of The Tide Don Shenk. “That definition and the precious nature of diamonds, provide a very appropriate symbolic representation of the gospel message which The Tide ministry is dedicated to proclaiming.”

The Tide ministry’s dedication to continuing to introduce the Gospel to people around the world is represented in another derivative of adamas: the word adamant. The ministry stands adamantly for proclaiming truth and sharing the hope of Jesus Christ to those who need it most.

“Along with celebrating all that God has done through The Tide ministry since 1946 we are also eagerly anticipating where God will lead us in the future,” Shenk said.

Looking ahead to the next 75 years, The Tide ministry and its partners will focus on the core foundations of “The Tide Diamond Vision”:

  • Amplify – The Tide will amplify more ministry initiatives so that more people can experience God’s grace.
  • Magnify – The Tide will work to grow its support base to an expanded demographic.
  • Solidify – The Tide will solidify more resources to help new believers to grow in their faith and live in right relationship with God.
  • Verify – The Tide will measure the effectiveness of its  activities to both manage them well and to demonstrate the efficient stewardship of resources.
  • Glorify – The Tide will strive to ensure that all it does to achieve our vision will bring glory to God.

The Tide ministry is celebrating its75th anniversary of recording and broadcasting gospel programming which now extends into multiple regions on three continents with content in 30 heart languages spoken by millions of people in various countries, including Afghanistan, Albania, Bhutan, India, Kosovo, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, and Zimbabwe. With more than 7,000 languages spoken worldwide and more than 2,000 people groups yet unreached with the Good News of Jesus, the opportunities are tremendous and The Tide is one of the longest-leading ministries touching hearts worldwide through media and partnerships.

For more information about The Tide broadcast projects, history, radio programs around the world, special yearlong campaigns, the weekly Global Update radio features or other news, visit its website at or its Facebook page. Read more about The Tide ministry and Director Don Shenk here.


To schedule interviews with Don Shenk, director of The Tide global radio ministry, contact, Marjorie Pratt, 610.584.1096, ext. 107, or Deborah Hamilton, ext. 102.