The Tide® Radio Gospel Ministry Reaches New Believers Through Teachings of Repentance

HARRISBURG, Pa.—The Tide® ministry, which broadcasts the Gospel message in 27 languages in nine countries using local languages they refer to as ‘heart languages,’ continues its life-altering ministry through radio and broadcasts in Mozambique. They spread Christ’s hope and wisdom, reaching not only those who already put their faith and trust in Jesus but also those who may be far from Christ or not yet introduced to His love and grace.

“The Tide ministry has been honored to share the Gospel in Mozambique,” said Director Don Shenk. “It is edifying to hear from viewers who are touched by the content of the programs, from Christians as well as those who are not yet Christian but are open to hearing the Gospel message. It is amazing when we hear from unbelievers that they have been uplifted or are now putting their faith in Christ after listening to a Tide partner pastor.”

In partnership with native missionaries, The Tide ministry has been instrumental in bringing many around the world, including Mozambicans, into a relationship with Jesus Christ and establishing healthy, growing indigenous churches.

Local leaders in Mozambique have initiated a Bible training radio program in the Chichewa language. This indigenous-led initiative was initially started to overcome obstacles like economic stress, hazardous travel conditions, and political unrest that hindered the ongoing training and development of pastors through regional seminars. The pilot program began airing during the final months of 2020 and is already receiving a positive response from listeners.

Though this program is geared toward pastors, seekers and new believers also tune into The Tide broadcasts. Samson said, “Thank you very much because of the teaching about repentance in Luke 15:11-25, Acts 2:37-38, and Matthew 4:17. I need repentance because I am a sinner, I was not believing, but now I believe that am a sinner. I want God to forgive me.”