The Tide® Ministry Provides Creative Solutions to Share the Gospel in Thailand

Studies report that approximately 85% of people in Thailand are Buddhist, and less than two percent of residents admit they are Christian. These numbers make it clear to Christians, including The Tide® ministry, that there is a significant amount of people that have not had the chance to hear the Gospel and accept Jesus as their Savior.

Recently we have implemented unique methods to share the Good News in Thailand. The goal is to present the gospel message in the clearest and easiest way to understand. So, in addition to the “Life’s Answers” radio broadcast that currently airs in Thailand, a YouTube channel was created with over 60 videos that explain the message of Christ in a variety of ways. These videos are also uploaded to Facebook in order to maximize exposure.

“Our goal is to spread the love of Christ to people all around the world, no matter the avenue,” stated Director Don Shenk. “When Reverend Charlie Byers started ‘The Gospel Tide Hour’ broadcast 75 years ago, radio broadcasts were the latest innovation, and we are determined to keep that spirit of originality. In addition to our popular radio broadcasts, we are coming up with new and creative solutions that are designed to best engage as many people as possible with the Gospel.”

We are also utilizing other methods to reach the lost in Thailand. The “Line” social media app is being used to promote “Walking with God,” a seven- to ten-minute daily devotional sponsored by our ministry. The staff plans to continue this devotional into the upcoming year after seeing positive responses from the local community.