The Tide® Ministry Is Determined to ‘Amplify’ Ministry Initiatives in New ‘Diamond Vision’

Many in the missional outreach community are familiar with The Tide® ministry, a global outreach that utilizes radio broadcasts to share the Gospel of Christ in 39 countries on three different continents. In 2021, we celebrated 75 years of ministry around the world, with millions hearing the Gospel and accepting Christ as their Savior.

Even as we celebrated our seven-decade achievement, our team was busy planning ahead for the next 75 years. In 2021, we unrolled our “Diamond Vision” plan, outlining our rededication to the mission for the years to come.

Director, Don Shenk, commented, “We are extremely blessed to be able to celebrate over seven decades of our global radio outreach, with tens of thousands of people hearing the Gospel through our radio broadcasts. But we can’t just stop here—we need to keep reaching out to those around the world who haven’t yet heard the Good News. Our Diamond Vision plan highlights the core foundations that The Tide® ministry is heading towards for the future.”

The first area we are focusing on is “Amplify,” which defines how we will increase ministry initiatives so that more people can experience God’s grace. This includes bolstering existing outreaches, creating content in more languages, developing partnerships in additional countries, and utilizing diverse media technologies.

For example, in 2021 we doubled the number of TV episodes we produced to reach more young people in Albania, added a Dari language radio program to broadcast into Afghanistan, and produced a series of puppet shows to teach the truth about Jesus to Arabic speaking children throughout north Africa and the Middle East. For 2022, we are looking at proposals to cross over from Albania into Macedonia, and to begin an outreach to the Desia Khanda tribal group in India. 

In addition to the goal to “Amplify” the vision, we, and our partners, will focus on four other core foundations of “The Tide Diamond Vision:”

  • Amplify – The Tide ministry will increase ministry initiatives so that more people can experience God’s grace.
  • Magnify – The Tide ministry will work to grow its support base to an expanded demographic.
  • Solidify – The Tide ministry will develop and supply more resources to help new believers to grow in their faith and live in right relationship with God.
  • Verify – The Tide ministry will measure the effectiveness of its activities to both manage them well and to demonstrate the efficient stewardship of resources.
  • Glorify – The Tide ministry will strive to ensure that all it does to achieve its vision will bring glory to God.