The Tide® Ministry Celebrates Vast Response to Major Events and Helping Those in Need Throughout February

The Tide® ministry staff spent the month of February hosting several major events in order to further our mission to spread the Good News. Through the grace of God, we continue to celebrate 75 years of ministry around the world, utilizing radio broadcasts to share the Gospel of Christ in 39 countries on three different continents, with millions hearing the Gospel and accepting Christ as their Savior.

Director of the ministry, Don Shenk commented, “We are extremely blessed to be able to celebrate over seven decades of our global radio outreach, with tens of thousands of people hearing the Gospel through our radio broadcasts. God certainly had a plan for Reverend Byers’ vision all those years ago!

“We aren’t just stopping at 75 years, though,” Shenk continued. “We are looking to the future of our ministry and plan to continue to share the Gospel for the next 75 years to come.”

To celebrate this monumental achievement, we hosted Piercing Word Scripture Dramatization: The One Story on February 19. Piercing Word is an innovative new way to look at the Bible story—by using Scripture as the script, highly trained actors enact the Bible and bring it to life for the audience. The mission of Piercing Word is to ignite passion for the Word of God in the heart of the Church, which aligns strongly with The Tide mission. Hundreds of people viewed the performance, both in person as well as virtually through a live stream.

Additionally, we hosted the “Your Soles, Their Souls” shoe drive. The goal was to gather 2,500 pairs of shoes by the end of the month, which was successfully achieved! The shoes collected will benefit micro businesses in developing countries around the world, and the funds raised from this campaign will benefit Gospel outreach through literacy classes in India. This campaign culminated in a community drive-through drop off on February 26.

“We are so grateful to everyone who participated in these events,” stated Shenk. “It’s encouraging to see the community come alongside our ministry both to invest ourselves in the Word through the Piercing Word performance as well to invest in further Gospel outreach with our ‘Your Soles, Their Souls’ shoe drive.”