The Tide® Gospel Ministry’s ‘Year Beard’ Challenge Spark Conversation Through Facial Hair

With the Christmas season in full swing, children around the world are looking forward to Santa Claus coming to reward the nice and rebuke the naughty. And while Santa might be the most famous bearded man in the Christmas season, there are other bearded men who—like Santa—are trying to make a difference. These bearded men, however, are looking to make an eternal impact.

The Tide® ministry has spent the past year challenging men to stop shaving and share the Gospel through our “Year Beard®” initiative. Even as the year is coming to a close, men are still putting razors down and growing out their beards to raise awareness for ministry so that radio broadcasts can continue to expand around the globe.

Our ministry records and broadcasts Gospel programming on three continents in over 30 languages, reaching millions of people including those in Afghanistan, Albania, Bhutan, India, Kosovo, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, and Zimbabwe. With more than 7,000 languages spoken worldwide and more than 2,000 people groups that have been unreached by the Good News of Jesus, the opportunities are tremendous, and the need is great.

“Year Beard” gives men an opportunity to continue our mission in a unique and interesting way. Long beards are easy conversation-starters and an excellent way to begin sharing both the work the ministry is doing and the love of Jesus in local communities.

Director Don Shenk commented, “You might not realize it, but beards are a regular topic of conversation around the holiday when you think of Santa! We’ve taken that discussion and given it an eternal purpose through The Year Beard campaign. This initiative is such a great opportunity to start conversations about the Gospel and what The Tide is doing around the world. Year Beard is a whole new way for everyday men to get involved and helps raise funds to continue our ministry to all corners of the globe.”

So far this year, participants have raised over $25,000, all of which will be used to buy more airtime for The Tide ministry’s Gospel radio broadcasts in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Joining the challenge not only gives men an opportunity to share the Gospel and help raise money for the ministry in their daily lives, but it also offers a community of godly men all working toward the same goal. A motivating factor is the knowledge that for every dollar given, 20 more people worldwide can hear about Jesus.

Depending on the time they commit, participants receive t-shirts, beard combs, beard oil, and a devotional book called “Bearded Gospel Men,” along with conversation starters such as country fact sheets, a testimony sheet, and a pocket info card so they can speak to potential donors about our mission. Those who raise the most money for the ministry throughout the year will be eligible to win sporting event tickets and gift cards.