The Tide® Gospel Ministry Shares the Good News to Buddhists in Thailand

There are many areas in the world that still have not heard the Gospel of Christ. Here at The Tide® ministry, a global missional outreach that shares the Good News through radio broadcasts, we tell the truth of the Gospel by speaking in the heart languages people were born to speak. At the moment, we share the Gospel daily in over 30 different languages in 39 countries on three continents, and reach millions of people including those in Afghanistan, Albania, Bhutan, India, Kosovo, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, and Zimbabwe.

Director Don Shenk stated, “For 75 years, we have spoken the truth of the Gospel to people all around the world in their heart languages—the languages they were born to speak. Many people believe in other religions while still seeking more—their hearts long for the hope of Christ, and we are honored to be able to share that message.”

In Thailand, an area dominated by a strong Buddhist culture, we are determined to start conversations about Christ to those entrenched in Buddhism. Recently, staff in the area reported going to a local temple to try to speak to any monks about the Gospel. While many did not respond to the Good News right away, one monk, Paw Thong, remained interested in the Gospel and wanted to know more.

When our team returned to speak to Paw Thong, some staff remained outside the monastery to pray while others went in to speak to him again. The monk revealed that he had been listening to The Tide® daily broadcasts about Christ and that he was interested in going to a local church to hear more about Christ. The team was quickly able to connect him with a local church and when they explained his background to the local pastor, the pastor said that they had a fellow believer at that church who previously was a Buddhist monk as well! Paw Thong is continuing to listen to the radio broadcasts and our ministry staff continues to visit him and encourage him with the truth of the Gospel.

Shenk commented, “Stories like this remind us at The Tide® how important our work is for the glory of the kingdom. To see someone so surrounded by a false religion yet instinctively know that Christ is the answer is inspiring for us, and we resolve to continue to reach the lost around the world through radio broadcasts and other means.”