The Tide® Connects With Those Worshipping at Creation

Thousands of music fans and followers of Jesus gathered at Agape Farm in Mount Union, Pennsylvania, last week to hear from their favorite musicians, worship God and enjoy creation. For many years, The Tide® has had a presence at the Creation Festival at the center of the Keystone State. And for the past several years, The Tide ministry has shared just how easy it is to share the Gospel with people around the world.


We broadcast Gospel radio programming in 25 heart languages in eight nations on three continents. At Creation, the ministry shares that just $1 can reach 20 radio listeners with the Gospel. Last year, donations at Creation enabled more than 35,000 worldwide to hear the Gospel, and the exciting totals are still being tallied from last week.


“Year after year, The Tide ministry has enjoyed connecting with people who are worshipping the Creator and telling them how our partners and radio programming worldwide helps people in all corners of the globe build a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “Our time at Creation was amazing, not only because we were able to heighten awareness about The Tide ministry, but also because we explained to people about how easy—and affordable—it can be to reach hundreds or perhaps even thousands with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.”


At Creation, The Tide ministry shared more about its newest initiative, called “Every Knee, Every Tongue,” which allows people to help place Gospel radio programs in regions around the world. Through “Every Knee, Every Tongue,” all are welcome to sponsor Christian radio broadcasts produced by The Tide ministry and recorded by local indigenous pastors in both populated and remote communities across the globe. The Tide ministry will be spreading the message about “Every Knee, Every Tongue” at several additional events this summer.