At Thanksgiving, Be Thankful for the Truth of God’s Word

The Thanksgiving holiday is an ideal time of year to pause and truly reflect on the abundant blessings God has bestowed on our lives. The Tide® encourages believers to prioritize their time by giving the ultimate thanks to God for sharing His wisdom through the Gospel.

“All of us can get caught up with hectic day-to-day activities, but when we stop to appreciate the precious gift of life we have been given, our hearts are more receptive to the love that Jesus Christ shows us every minute of every day,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “The Tide is certainly grateful for the opportunities we have been granted to spread God’s Word around the world for over 70 years through radio programming in 25 native languages on three continents. With the support of those who believe in our mission, The Tide ministry has been able to evangelize in Albania, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Nigeria, Kosovo, Thailand and Zimbabwe so that millions of radio listeners can better understand God’s Word and follow Jesus Christ for a lifetime. This Thanksgiving, we give thanks to our Lord!”

Rajesh, a listener to The Tide radio program in India, is also thankful for the ministry and its work.

“I have become a regular listener to your Hindi radio program ‘Aap Ke Liye,” Rajesh shared. “I was totally helpless and discouraged and there was no hope in my life. One day, one of my friends told me and my family about your radio program. I went to his house and listened very attentively. As I was listening to the Word of God, tears were flowing from my eyes, and at that moment my life was changed. I thanked the Lord for touching me and saving me from the clutches of the power of darkness. Today in my family, everyone is happy and rejoicing in the Lord.  Now I want to listen to this blessed program every day.”

Bibas from Nepal also shared that he is blessed to be able to listen to The Tide radio program in the Nepali language.

“I am a regular listener to this program,” Bibas wrote. “I am very much blessed and have come closer to the Lord. Now I am able to read the Bible, which has taught me many lessons. I am thankful to you for presenting this radio program. Now I encourage many of my friends to listen to this program. I want to listen to more programs just like this one, which blesses and encourages us and draws us closer to the Lord in faith. Now I am not afraid of any obstacles.”

Read more about our efforts in India and Nepal.

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