A Straight Road Makes Travel Easy

A Straight Road Makes Travel Easy

Luke 3:3-16

Huge super-highways criscross the country. The high places have been brought down. The valleys have been filled. The crooked has been made straight. The way has been prepared for trade and commerce to flow into our cities.

So the grace of God flows into any life when the way is prepared. The crooked must be made straight. Zaccheaus did, and the Master came to his house. The mountains of self-sufficiency must be brought down and the valley of neglect must be filled up, where such neglect has caused the corosion of the good soil of the soul. The rough must be made smooth. The stumbling blocks of doubt and unbelief must be tossed aside. Then the Lord comes to us in the full sweetness of His assurance.

Lord, I ask of you, through the power of the Holy Spirit, prepare my heart for Your coming, so that my life will be enriched by Your fullness. Amen.



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