Standing in Him

Deuteronomy 31:6-8

What does it take to be a man or woman of courage?
Does it take a man or woman of position?
A man or woman with a title?

No, it takes a life completely surrendered over to God and a life given over to His will completely.

It takes courage to stand in Him, to stand in love.
Courage, what does it mean?
· the ability to do something that frightens one.
“she called on all her courage to face the ordeal”
· strength in the face of pain or grief

Facing many hurts, and disappointments in life can at times lead us to be a person who feels as if there is to never be a time of believing that good things are for them. What if we are wrong? There is good just ahead. We have to grab ahold of that promise in His Word that there is good for us. That He has gone before you bidding you to come and to keep going.

What if the hurt and disappointments were for our good? We know that God plans or orders our steps. So, if the journey we walk through and know that He has planned is encountered with countless times of hurt and disappointments. We still, as a child of God are required or instructed to stand in Him and believe He is still there with us.

Ask yourself, “Do I have the courage to keep believing He is good in the midst of it all?”

Do I know that He is there before me holding out His hand for mine?
Do I believe He is with me at all times?
Do I see Him waving His hand to come?
Do I see Him kneeling down beside me encouraging me to get back up after I have stumbled once again?
Do I look into His eyes of compassion and love knowing how much it all hurts that His love is still unconditional, perfect, and everlasting?

Do you see Him standing before you?
He is there, He’s gone before you to prepare the way.

What lies ahead? Will it be the same as the journey I have already walked through?
What if it isn’t?
What if finally you enter into all He has promised you and spoken over your life.

Are you willing no matter what to stand in Him and move forward? Do you have the courage to move ahead without fear holding you back?

Sounds kind of silly to say, “I’m moving forward while standing in Him.”

Standing in Him doesn’t necessarily mean to stand still. Standing in Him can mean you are moving forward in courage. Standing in Him can mean you still do as you are instructed to do in His love.

It’s not in our strength but it is all in His strength that we can stand in Him. Read that again.

“It’s not our strength but it is all His strength that makes it possible to stand in Him.”

Little chorus I sang as a child:
Standing, standing
Standing on the promises of God, my Saviour
Standing, standing
Standing on the promises of God



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