See the Lord

Reading: Luke 19:1-10

When men get desperate they do the unusual. Zaccheaus did! He left the office and the the business and went out to the place where Jesus was to pass by. He was quite determined, so as the huge crowd fought against him, to see Jesus Zaccheaus climbed up a tree! Before the day was over, he was the envy of ever one in the crowd-think, how would you feel if Jesus was having dinner with the tax collector! The Master knew that nay person that would make such effort to see Him would certainly be open and receptive to His teaching, and so Zaccheaus was.

Zaccheaus found Him. He, like Moses in the desert, turned aside to see the Lord. To find the Lord you must take time and go where He is. He is in the scriptures. He is in the House of God. He is in the quiet devotional hour. Take time! Go where He is, climb the tree or get on your knees, and you will see Him, for He will surely pass by your way.

Prayer: If youll come to my heart Lord, I’ll remove everything that is offensive, by your help. Amen.



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