A Report from Zimbabwe

We closed 2017 with a new political dispensation due to the resignation of former president Robert Mugabe. We thank God for a peaceful political transition. Although there was jubilant celebration in the streets at the time of his resignation, the living conditions have not improved. We have seen the upsurge in basic commodities such as food, utility costs and transportation for the past quarter. This has a negative impact on the everyday livelihood and needs of the ‘Amagugu Evangeli’ radio ministry and puts the majority of our listeners in distress.

During this past quarter, the studio technician, Jonah, and our radio preachers attended to responses from 765 listeners who made contact through WhatsApp, texts and phone calls. Listeners request prayer and counseling on salvation and faith, marital problems and family matters, employment and economic issues, educational needs and sickness.

Our main radio program has shifted in times from 11:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. every Sunday. We were not on air for a month because another ministry took over our time slot. We did not get a full explanation from ZBC Radio Zimbabwe, but we assumed that the newcomers were paying more money than us.

Our programs are also on ZBC Radio Zimbabwe, which still airs our five-minute morning devotionals daily at 5 a.m. on both FM and internet.

We thank God who has kept us this far, despite the political upheavals and vicissitudes in Zimbabwe. We thank our donors and The Tide ministry for the continued financial support. We thank the ‘Amagugu Evangeli’ team, who always brings foresight, hindsight and insight on how to run the studio effectively. Lastly, we thank our radio preachers who continue to provide content and attend to our listeners needs.



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