Letters: Radios Making Waves

April 3, 2013

Since its inception, The Tide has maintained a strong focus on broadcasting relevant messages that people can hear and understand in their own heart languages. Yet, every day there are individuals who miss this opportunity simply because they do not have the luxury of owning their own radio. The Tide’s Radios for India project addresses this important issue by raising funds to provide radios to financially impoverished areas and households. In the last quarter, we were able to distribute 11 radios to needy families because of contributions to Radios for India. As a result of these distributions, 619 people have begun to listen regularly, 408 people have requested more information about Jesus Christ, and 95 people have received Salvation! Small groups are gathering to listen together in their community, with an average of 22 listeners for each radio distributed. Here are a few testimonies of people who were touched by having access to a radio:

One day, my neighbor was playing his radio and a group of people was listening to the ‘Aap Ke Liye’ radio program, I also went there to listen to it. I liked that program very much and listen to it regularly. Now I believe in Jesus Christ and want to follow Him. Pray for me that I may do well in my studies”. –Miss R.

At Patanguda village one man was suffering from a severe headache. He took several medicines but could not get relief. I invited him to listen to the radio program. He came and listened to the ‘SHANTI DATA’ program regularly. I prayed for him and he told me that he had no headache and was very happy and blessed to listen to the radio program.” –Mr. J

Two persons from a nearby village were very wicked and doing illegal work, but when they started listening to the Kui program ‘Ehpa Gatanju’ on my radio they were touched by the Lord.  They gave up their bad habits and stopped doing the illegal work.  Now their lives have changed and we thank the Lord for this miracle. Thank you for giving me a radio to share the Good News with others.Mr. S

These are the stories of people who almost missed hearing about Jesus Christ because none of them owned a radio. These events highlight the fact that we need to make provisions for our broadcasts to be heard. We do not want anyone to be denied access to Salvation because of their economic situation.

This is why the Radios for India project was started to provide radios for needy villagers in India. We invite you to join us in this huge undertaking. Do you need a new missions project for your VBS, Sunday School, Bible Club, or Youth Group? This is a great project for kids and youth! For every $40 donated, one radio is distributed to a person greatly in need to hearing God’s Word. Contact our office today to learn how you can use Radios for India as your missions project this year. We provide all the materials needed and will walk you through every step of the way. YOU CAN HELP more people hear about Christ by supporting Radios for India.

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