Radio 7 in Albania, Celebrates 15 Years of Spreading the Gospel

More than three years ago, The Tide® began partnering with Radio 7 in Albania to produce and air Christian radio programs in the Albanian language. Radio 7 recently celebrated its 15th anniversary of reaching the people of Albania for Christ, partly through The Tide ministry’s program called “Sipas Fjales” or “According to the Word.”

“Our partnership with Radio 7 since January 2015 has been wonderful,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “It is an honor to reach Albanian listeners with the Good News of Jesus through Radio 7, and we congratulate them for 15 years of service to the King—and pray for many more decades of reaching people for Christ.”

Radio 7 reported that this verse from Psalm 126:3 is a reflection of the past 15 years in ministry: “The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” Radio 7 began with a desire to follow the Great Commission to preach the Good News wherever Albanians live. Over the years, projects and outreach efforts have included helping new believers; equipping the local church through materials and conferences; organizing seminars for pastors, women and children’s ministry leaders; serving widows and single mothers through courses, medical help, home reconstruction, food, clothes and counseling; reaching abused and neglected people with medical support, counseling and classes; church planting; working with immigrants; and a new 24/7 Christian television channel featuring music and talk, medical and cooking shows in the Albanian language.

Shared one Radio 7 listener named Kozeta: “You have been a real blessing for me, because through you I heard the Gospel for the first time! Lord has used you for my salvation and for my growth in the relationship that I have with God. I pray that the Lord will bring forth the fruit of your hard work!”

Albania was once an atheist state and is now predominantly Muslim, but since 1998 Albania has legally allowed total religious freedom. Despite many mission organizations entering Albania, however, it is still estimated that less than 1 percent of the population are evangelical Christians.

Find out more of what we’re doing in Albania.

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