Quiet Spirits

Quiet Spirits

Reading: 1 Thesselonians 4:7-12

Have you ever heard a sermon preached on this scripture? Do you remember it? Study to be quiet and to mind your own business. Boisterous and meddlesome persons create their own problems and stumble over their feet. Better stay out of controversies that have no answer. Don’t be joining riots to prove your point, or raise disturbances to get attention. It is far better to be quiet. Don’t talk too much. While there are many words there is no want for strife. “Mind your own affairs” is the way the Amplified version puts it.

There is nothing much more obnoxious that I know, than a person with a pious look who thinks it their business to manage the a airs of everyone in the church and in the community. Let us submit to an honest examination by the Holy Spirit. A eddlesome spirit is hard to detect. Listen carefully to what the Lord may want to say.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for showing me my heart. Make me gentle. Help me to be quiet, sweet, and agreeable to all. Amen.



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