February 5, 2018

Provision when there’s Nothing

Reading: Matthew 6:26-34

Christmas Eve, my husband and I went to go look at Christmas lights. They were half and hour from our apartment, so we decided to get dinner out. We came out from dinner, got in our car and….nothing. No clicking as if the battery was dead, just nothing. We called AAA, got our car towed back home and crawled in bed around 11:30 that night. They told us it was the starter, so we were prepared for that.

When the mechanic came on the 26th, that’s when we new we were in trouble. He told us our engine had bit the dust. With no car, and everyone home for Christmas, we weren’t sure how we were going to get to work even.┬áThe full time handyman at church lended us his wife’s car for that day and the next, but after that, we had no way of getting around. That’s when my parent’s showed up.

They had been wanting to get a new car for my mom anyways, so they sold us their minivan! What was even cooler, the money we made from our last paychecks covered exactly what we needed to get the van over to us. God is so good!

This was just one way that God has shown is provision to my husband and I in recent months. It’s helping learn that I need to not worry and stress over circumstances and to just trust that everything is going according to His will. So worry not over what tomorrow brings, for God is already there.

Sarah Harrison

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