My Heart for The Tide: Meet Pam

Pam ZaiserPam’s Testimony

Having grown up in a devout Catholic family, I have always known the value of attending church, praying and confession of sin, and following all the “rules” of being a Christian.  Yet, after having gone through a very painful divorce without the security of knowing that God was with me and for me, I felt dejected, rejected, guilty, hopeless, and depressed…though hungry for more of God.  Desperate, I began my God-hunt, bouncing from one church to another.  In April of 1997 while watching D. James Kennedy on television, I gave up my search for a church and began searching for my Lord personally.  During that broadcast, I prayed that Jesus would show himself to me as a meaningful, powerful and personal God.  The following month I walked in the doors of Mechanicsburg Brethren in Christ Church where I quickly learned that Jesus’ desire for me was a relationship.  I found what I was looking for all along: a PERSONAL Savior who loves me and is crazy for me!  So, you see, I am a firm believer in Broadcast Ministry!!!

Now with almost twenty years of my Jesus journey behind me, I can say in confidence that I know Him!  I have had many tragedies, disappointments and questions, but my faith has carried me to new heights of joy and peace and love through His tender grace and mercies.  He and I meet every morning at my dining room table to chat and read scripture and pray, and we talk with each other through the day where He shows me new things through His eyes. He softens my sometimes-cynical heart and allows me the privilege of showing others to His saving grace!  He guides me and blesses me in countless and gracious ways.  I find unspeakable joy in living my life for Christ!  But, He is not done with me yet!  I pray for fresh anointing of His Truth and Wisdom by His Spirit every day!

Being a staunch believer in radio and broadcast ministry, my vision for the future of The Tide ministry is to fortify and expand!  That would mean reaching every ear that has not heard the good news of Jesus’ redemption and salvation.  His desire is that none should perish.  His commission to us is to fulfill His plan through focusing our time, our praying, our committed effort, our financial giving, and submitting to the authority of Christ over all of these areas of service.  Because of this, we are obligated through faith to provide radios and other media, to develop relationships and partnerships with other organizations, to build up leaders to teach those who are curious and hungry for Jesus and to never give up hope for all ears to hear about the saving grace of our Lord and Savior!  By my own testimony, I believe in the power of broadcast ministry.

The mission statement of the Gospel Tide calls for the creative and effective sharing of the Good News of Jesus Christ to be heard worldwide through media and partnerships, and that the resultant effect would be that people would be led to salvation.  While that statement is painted with a very broad brush, it is, in fact, just exactly what we as members of the Community of Believers have been called to.  So while the purpose is large, it is also exciting!  Partnering with God is always fun.  We get to witness His plan being brought to fruition through prayer and hard work; we get to know and see His mighty hand fulfilling His plan; we get to be the laborers in the field.  And we get to be Jesus with skin, doing just the mission we were called to on this Earth!

Thinking in to the future, perhaps The Tide will fulfill this mission using even more advanced technology.  In what is becoming a wireless world, I pray that all unreached nations could even see on television programming and pod casts, testimonies and teachings that would lead them to salvation.  Also, I would love to see expanded discipleship and leadership programs of native people penetrate even in the most remote areas of their respective countries where relationships could be developed.  Perhaps new and already established churches here in North America could become prayer partners for The Tide.  My belief is that the purpose of The Tide is perfectly lined up to The Great Commission.  We must dream big, work diligently, and never be satisfied with the scope of The Tide!  As Mark Batterson put it: “We must work like it depends on us, and pray like it depends on God.”  Our work in that commission must forever expand until there is salvation for ALL.

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