Our Response to COVID-19

With confirmed cases of Covid-19 now recorded in almost every country of the world, we are all to some degree getting swept up in the global focus on this single issue. I can’t recall anything else in my lifetime that has created such widespread uncertainty and apprehension in society, and I am extremely grateful for the hope we have in the person and work of Jesus.  God’s Word is filled with encouraging promises of His incredible love, affirmations of hope, admonitions to stand firm in our faith, and reminders that because our Almighty Heavenly Father is watching over us, we do not need to live in fear.  We are grateful that as a religious organization The Tide office is currently exempt from the mandated closures, enabling us to continue the administrative tasks associated with sharing this message of hope in Christ with those who are suffering around the globe. I also want to reassure you that our ministry “boots on the ground” are committed to persevering in the face of challenges.

Our ministry partners are adjusting to conditions so that they can continue to build God’s Kingdom in the hearts of their own people. For many who already live in tough situations and harsh environments, Covid-19 is one more potential hazard in a life of ongoing hardships, and they are desperately in need of the hope our gospel programming offers by introducing them to Jesus as their Savior. Our partners rely very heavily on the financial support provided by our generous donors. Please consider an additional financial gift to keep this vital ministry going.

We have had to make some adaptations, primarily in how we conduct events, but we will do our best to keep you updated.



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