One Thing is Needed

May 6, 2018

Reading: Luke 10:28-34

I have always loved the story of Mary and Martha. It’s so human. Oftentimes, we find ourselves being a Martha. It is so easy to work so hard in life, even when you’re working for Jesus. This is not inherently bad by any means. But we must be careful not to work so hard at God’s mission that we miss Him entirely.

Developing a spirit of Sabbath in our hearts does not mean we are unproductive and do nothing but pray and read the bible. It means that we are seeking God in everything. Have to walk to work? Appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. Have to take a test? Pray for soundness of mind before you write the first answer. Going on a date? Thank God for the person you love and the food you are taking together. Driving somewhere? Thank God for getting you there and home safely. Studying? Take a break to listen to a worship song. It isn’t about big things. It’s about inviting God into every single aspect of your life.

He wants to be there.

Jesus said to Martha, “You are worried about upset about many things, but only one is needed.” Whatever is giving you stress right now, remember that only one thing is truly needed. He wants you to sit at His feet and find rest.  

Ask God what aspects of your life you are allowing to make you a Martha. Remember to rest a while at His feet. In all things, invite Him to be a part.


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