New Believers in Nigeria Turn from Idol Worship and Instead Embrace Jesus Christ

Nyong, a listener to The Tide® ( global radio ministry’s Efik language program in Nigeria, says she now can sleep at night.

After meeting with The Tide partners and learning about the saving grace of Jesus Christ, Nyong said she has burned the shrines she once used to worship and make sacrifices.

“I don’t have nightmares any longer,” she shared. “God bless you and your ministry.”

This is just one of countless testimonies that comes as a result of radio listeners in eight countries on three continents hearing the truth that Jesus is the only one true God—and in the languages they were born to speak.

“The Tide ministry’s partner on the ground in Nyong’s village said he preached to this woman and her husband about false gods and idol worship, which are common in Nigeria,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “They prayed together, destroyed the altar at the home, and the couple is now committed to trusting in the Lord. Even after nearly 75 years in ministry, it is so touching to hear stories of life change like these.”

Likewise, Ogbonaya is a student at a polytechnic institute in Nigeria. He listened to the Okuchineke language program and reached out to a partner of The Tide ministry to learn more about Jesus.

The student said he was a member of a confraternity, or secret society cult group, at his school and displayed five tribal marks on his body.

“I want you to pray for me to help me denounce this evil practice which I was forced to belong,” Ogbonaya said. “I don’t to be part of that organization any longer. Pray for me.”

The student further told The Tide partner that students in the group make charms to signify the cult, and members fight among themselves for leadership. The Tide partner reported they did pray together, and Ogbonaya invited The Tide representative back to his school the following week, where he met two other members of the cult and ministered to them as well. Today, the group conducts Bible studies on campus.

The Tide ministry has been broadcasting Gospel radio programming in Nigeria since 2009 and today reaches millions of listeners in 11 languages with the hope of Christ. With nearly 500 people groups and more than 470 languages spoken in Nigeria, which is the most populous nation in Africa, the potential for Christ to change lives in Nigeria is tremendous.