Touching Muslim Truth-Seeker in Kosovo

With a goal of spreading Christ’s hope and wisdom worldwide to people of all walks of life, The Tide® reaches not only those who already practice their Christian faith by putting their trust in Jesus, but also those who are far from Christ or perhaps who may never have heard of Him or learned of His love and grace.

“We at The Tide ministry have been honored to share the Gospel in Kosovo for the past five years, first over radio airwaves in partnership with Radio 7, then through media players, live streaming, and, most recently, through a television program geared toward young people,” said Director Don Shenk.

In partnership with native missionaries, The Tide ministry has been instrumental in bringing many into a relationship with Jesus Christ, including Kosovars and Albanians, and establishing healthy, growing indigenous churches. Listeners like Xhavid, a non-practicing Muslim from Kosovo, may listen in their search of a deeper union with God, and, as they grow in understanding through the teachings of our ministry pastors, come to know Christ.

“I grew up listening to radio stations; in our house, the radio is always on. I have been listening to Pastor Jeton lately a lot. I like his perspective on life. I have learned a lot from his Bible teaching. I’m a Muslim by my family background, but we have not been a practicing family,” says Xhavid. “I have always been searching for truth in order to become a better person – for my family and for my country. Thank you for these teachings…they are so much needed in our country.”

Such testimonials cause Director Don Shenk to reflect on the profound impact our programming has on listeners’ lives.

“It is edifying to hear from listeners who are touched by the content of the programs, from Christians as well as those who are not yet Christian but are open to hearing the Gospel message,” said Shenk. “It is amazing when we hear from unbelievers that they have been uplifted or are now putting their faith in Christ after listening to a Tide partner pastor. This makes it all worthwhile.”