The Tide® Gospel Radio Ministry Saves a Nigerian Man’s Life

In partnership with native missionaries, The Tide ministry has been instrumental in bringing many into relationship with Jesus Christ. Listeners may hear truth in their search of a deeper union with God, and, as they grow in understanding through the teachings of The Tide ministry pastors, come to know Christ. Despite the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria and attacks against Christians by groups like Boko Haram, listeners find joy and peace through The Tide broadcasts.

One listener shared how The Tide programming actually saved his life:

“Thank God I didn’t turn off the radio,” the listener said in a note to The Tide. “I wanted to commit suicide. After setting everything up, while writing the note I wanted to keep for my wife, I overheard [The Tide] message from my neighbor’s radio. I listened careful on the topic ‘It Is Not Over.’ The message changed my mind.”

Thanks to the work of The Tide ministry, Nigerians can hear the Gospel in 11 different regions and languages. Hearing the truth is providing listeners with courage to continue and an eternal hope found only in Christ.

“Listening to this radio program last month, the preacher read John 5:28-29 which talks about resurrection,” another listener shared. “I lost my husband last night. I know I will see him again.”

Such testimonials cause The Tide Director Don Shenk to reflect on the profound impact The Tide ministry’s programming has on listeners’ lives. 

“It is edifying to hear from listeners who are touched by the content of the programs, from Christians as well as those who are not yet Christian but are open to hearing the Gospel message,” said Shenk.