Long Term Leadership & Steadfast Service

His passion for world missions began in Rhodesia (which became Zimbabwe in 1980.)  Born in that fertile, beautiful land as a son of missionaries, Don Shenk learned, first-hand the importance and impact of cross-cultural missions.  He had a front row view of the power of learning the language and the culture for lasting effect.  The transforming work of the Holy Spirit is lubricated when the Gospel is heard in one’s own heart language.

It was during a home-missions furlough in 1977, when he met his soulmate, Becky Wenger at a youth event. They married in 1981.  Daughter, Amy, was born in 1983, followed by Don, Jr. in 1986.  Their third child, Michelle was born in Zimbabwe in 1990, on Don’s birthday, after they moved there as missionaries in 1988.  Until they returned in 2000, they served at both Wanezi and Mtshabezi Missions.

Feeling called to remain in full-time ministry, it was a “hand-in-glove” fit when the Executive Director position of Gospel Tide was presented.  Accepting this position in June 2001, Don, with Becky as his assistant, managed the ongoing production of a domestic weekly program as well as overseeing production of programming around the world in 8 different languages.

After lengthy conversations and process, a new Mission Statement for Gospel Tide emerged at a Board retreat in 2006.

“Creatively sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ worldwide through media and partnerships.”

Following the introduction of this new Mission Statement, under Don & Becky’s steady leadership, in 2008, the difficult, yet necessary decision was made to discontinue the domestic program. This was done to focus resources for more effective impact allowing the Gospel to be heard by many more unreached people groups in their own heart language.  Today, Gospel Tide is strategically located in eight areas around the world – now in 25 different languages.

Their foundational experience as missionaries for 12 years, provided a unique perspective for both Don and Becky to serve during this transformational time in the life cycle of Gospel Tide.  With the backdrop of their experience, the network of relationships around the world, including many in Christian radio ministry and their eagerness to travel to the areas of the world where Gospel Tide is flourishing, Don and Becky Shenk serve faithfully and well as the ministry continues to refine and focus the vision for years to come. Under their capable leadership and with your ongoing support, The Tide Board of Directors is confident that God will continue using The Tide ministry to lovingly draw people into His graceful embrace. Thank you for praying, giving, and engaging with us to tell the world about Jesus and make disciples for Him.