Listeners in Zimbabwe Share Life Change Thanks to ‘Precious Gospel’ Program

The people of Zimbabwe have many challenges—from economic difficulties and rampant inflation to high unemployment and the prospect of a low harvest because of inadequate rainfall.

Don Shenk says that while the fears and apprehensions of people worldwide may be different—especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic—the search for hope is universal, and Christ is the only solid foundation.

Many listeners to the “Amagugu Evangeli” program, which means “Precious Gospel” in English, are finding hope in Jesus, thanks to a program recorded in the languages they were born to speak by local, indigenous pastors.

“Since 1983, The Tide ministry has worked to reach the many potential believers in Zimbabwe,” Shenk said. “A large percentage do identify as Christian, but a significant number still participate in traditional African religious practices including ancestral spirit worship and witchcraft. Even though Zimbabwe has been fairly extensively evangelized, there are still many who need to hear the Gospel message. From the regular feedback we receive from listeners, others are hungry to learn more about Jesus Christ as well.”

Uplifting feedback from listeners in Zimbabwe include the following sentiments:

  • “Your preaching blessed me, and I learned a lot.”
  • “Thank you for the preaching on radio. Kindly pray for me and the whole family.”
  • “I received Jesus. I am happy because of the preaching.”
  • “Thank you for the preaching. I hope to have my salvation till the end of days.”
  • “Thanks for the Word. I was touched by the radio service. I need to change my life because I was living in sin.
  • “I heard the Word, I want to receive Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior.”
  • “Your messages lift my soul.”