Letters from Abroad: India, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe

One of our favorite parts of ministering is hearing back from our listeners. Read on to see how lives are being changed around the world!


I am a regular listener of your radio program ‘Shanti Data.’ Through this radio program I was very happy and blessed and become a new person.  When I listen to the word of God it touches my heart and leads me a right path.  Now I have a desire to learn more about Jesus Christ. Please pray for my spiritual growth and help me by sending some literature and program guide. – Debashree (Odiya language radio listener)

I am writing to you for the first time from Rayagada. I listen to your ‘Marsal Dahar’ Santali program and have also learnt many things about the life of Jesus Christ. Now there is a desire in my heart to know more about the true and living God. Please help and guide me further. – Basudev (Santali language radio listener)

Every Saturday evening, I have been listening to your Kui radio ‘Ehpa Gatanju’ and receiving His blessing and peace through the messages.  There has been a transformation in my life, as I have left all bad things behind. The love of God has touched my heart and I have become a child of God. Please pray for my spiritual growth. – Kabi (Kui language radio listener)

Once I was going to my neighbor’s house for some personal work. After reaching there, I found that they were listening to your radio program. By listening to the Kurukh program ‘Ujjna Gahi Dahare’ in radio, I learnt that I need to thank God first, so I liked this program very much. Most of the time I was feeling some kind of sickness in my body, due to which I was not able to move freely nor I was not able to do any kind of work. After listening to this radio program, I prayed to God to heal me from this sickness. The Lord heard my prayers and healed me. I thank the Lord for healing me and giving me new life.  Now I have started believing in Jesus Christ and have also accepted Him as my Personal Lord and Savior and also doing my normal duties. – Meena (Kurukh language radio listener)


I am married and I have three children for my husband. God has helped me out of a very big problem. My husband works in a transport company. Recently he left his place of work to come and visit us. Then something tragic happened in his place of work. Someone broke in a car in his absence and he was falsely accused. So my aunt took my husband to a witch doctor to find out who stole the property. While he was there in front of the witch doctor, something ask me to call my husband. Behold he was right before the Witch doctor. Informed that our youngest was vomiting blood. He immediately rushed out of the premises of the witch doctor and came home. When he arrived home, behold we were praying with the speaker. I informed him that no child was vomiting blood. All the items he bought for incantation, was left with the witch doctor. I want to thank God for liberation my husband from witch doctor manipulation. – Nkoyo (Amo language radio listener)


(Listeners who respond to our Ndebele language radio programs in Zimbabwe do so almost exclusively through text messages)

Enjoyed your today’s sermon it was most refreshing and true. I am in Harare. I request for audio recording if it’s possible Pastor.

How are you pastor? If I want to be born again, what do I need to do? I request for an everlasting life from God. Kindly reply Pastor. 

How are you Pastor? Thank you for the preaching on radio. Kindly pray for me and the whole family.

Your preaching blessed me and I learnt a lot.

Thank you for the word. I received Jesus as Lord. 

I receive Jesus. I am happy because of the preaching.