Letters from those who Believe

There’s nothing like hearing the truth of the Gospel in your own heart language—the language you were born to speak.Rather than using translators or adapting the message for radio listeners in other countries, The Tide works with indigenous pastors and partners on the ground in eight countries on three continents to offer the saving truth of Jesus Christ to people in 25 different languages.

“For 73 years, The Tide ministry has stayed true to our vision to creatively share the Good News of the Gospel through multiple media avenues,” said Don Shenk. “In some remote locations, that means providing radios so entire villages can gather around them and listen to programming about Jesus in their own language. In other places, it means distributing media players so people in urban areas can hear the Gospel on busy streets. Whatever the method, The Tide ministry is committed to reaching people where they are—and in the heart languages they speak—with the saving grace message of Jesus Christ.”

After humble beginnings in 1946 as a broadcast over a loud speaker at a camp meeting in Pennsylvania, we reach millions of listeners on three continents in eight countries—Albania, Bhutan, India, Kosovo, Nepal, Nigeria, Thailand and Zimbabwe—through programming in 25 languages.

Listener feedback is evidence lives are being changed thanks in response to our efforts and partners:

“Pastor H is my favorite preacher on the radio. I listen to him weekly and have learned a lot. The teachings of the Bible make you think. I love the way Pastor H engages with his audience. His teaching really saved our marriage. I learned from the show how to let go (of) my ego and love my wife unconditionally. Thank you for reaching out to every corner of Albania and helping young believers grow in their faith.”—Gentian

“A cook and his wife listen to the radio program in their language. Slowly they want to believe in the Lord and (are) also interested (in) baptism. Please uphold them in your prayers.”—Pastor reporting on a Buddhist couple

“I come from a non-Christian family. Once I went to another village and, there at my friend’s house, I heard the radio message about Jesus Christ for the first time in Hindi. I liked this program very much. For the last several months, I have been listening to the radio program ‘Aap Ke Liye’ with great interest. I learned that Jesus Christ after His death was raised from the dead. He is living God. Now I believe in the Lord Jesus.”—Sakal

“I was raised by atheist parents but lately I have been listening to ‘Sipas Fjales’ with Pastor G and want to know more about Christianity. Thank you for your willingness to talk to me and answer my questions. I love the MP3 player you gave to me. It is full (of) very interesting preaching.”—Vehbi

“I have been listening to your ‘Prasasta Jivan’ radio program with great enthusiasm. I am really blessed by your radio messages and share them with my friends as well. I wish for the continuity of this program which imparts joy, peace, and assurance of abundant life.”—Shanti

“I want to thank the Lord for his is mercy towards me. One day, I listened to your radio program. I took down the phone numbers mentioned … and happily we arranged a visit to my home. After the prayers, I confessed … I am now free. My vow was (that) I would live and die with Christ Jesus. Silver and gold, I have none, but I will (tell) others what He was done for me and (is) still doing for me.”—Okon

“Our team has begun helping a local believer begin sharing the Gospel with others. As they have begun to share Bible stories, a listening device has been given to these new seekers to listen to the ‘Life’s Answers’ programs to review the Bible stories, listen to the worship music and hear the testimonies of Isaan believers. Being able to use the programs to reinforce and deepen their understanding of what they have heard is helping these three people—husband, wife and sister—draw closer to Christ.”—Partner on the ground

“It’s a blessing to listen to your sermons. May God bless you more and broaden your wisdom spiritually. I understand a bit of Ndebele but your sermon helped quite a lot. The song ‘Angungapendule’ was so good to my heart.”—Bruno

In addition to impacting the listeners in these eight countries, plans are also in the works for The Tide ministry to offer Gospel programming in Pakistan to an unreached people group in the Saraiki language in 2020.